Paulin and Honda claim second in the first ever SMX

Paulin and Honda claim second in the first ever SMX

The inaugural Monster Energy SMX riders and Manfucaturers cup held at the Veltins arena in Gelsenkirchen, Germany saw Gautier Paulin and team Honda take second place on the podium.  The 3 race format had Paulin post a 6-7-9 score for sixth overall in the riders standings .  Paulin experienced a painful shoulder after been hit by rock in the opening moto of the evening but he enjoyed riding the hybrid Supercross/Motocross circuit to help secure silver for Honda.

Gautier Paulin:

 “In the first race I took a huge stone to my shoulder and I lost a lot of power in my arm which made it difficult. The track was good though and it was good to ride because everyone was at the same rhythm, and it was just about giving the right push and the right moment. I had a great team and it’s great to put Team Honda in second place this evening.”

 Overall Team Results:

 1. Team KTM

2. Team Honda

3. Team Kawasaki

4. Team Husqvarna

5. Team Yamaha

6. Team Suzuki